To create change, start with data

The exponential growth in the amount of data we can collect has the potential to fuel a new era of reality-based innovation in companies of all sizes, backing up new ideas with substantial evidence. Driven by the hope of better satisfying customers, candidates and employees, we are all looking to generate strategies that focus on them. However, for many HR departments, it remains challenging to have the tools to create a robust data-driven culture, and data rarely becomes a reliable basis for decision making.

At The Key Talent, we have created agile platforms so that HR has the tools that allow them to efficiently carry out more attractive, digital and efficient attraction, recruitment, assessment and training processes. Above all, they can make decisions that are supported by realities backed by data.


Analysing and building a benchmark employer brand needs agile, data-driven solutions that impact talent attraction.
The candidate experience has rapidly evolved into a purely digital environment. Is your company ready to design a unique digital recruitment process?
Developing a digital talent strategy requires a deep and vivid understanding of our workforce. Making it happen is easier than you think.
Throughout a company’s talent cycle, we can collect and process data that helps us to optimise processes and, above all, to make better decisions.

Our hallmarks


We create smart, data-driven, digital solutions because we believe that HR can be more efficient throughout the entire talent cycle, from the reputation of the employer brand to the onboarding of each new employee.


Talent assessment processes are flawed and full of unconscious bias. Our solutions, integrated with Aon Assessment Solutions, allow us to measure more and do so much more objectively. All in a remote, digital environment.


We know that the key to product adoption is a more engaging experience for the talent we attract or assess and the professionals behind it. That is why we rely on marketing and gamification tools.


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