To create a change, start with the data

The exponential growth in the amount of data we can collect has the potential to fuel a new era of reality-based innovation in companies of all sizes, backing up new ideas with substantial evidence. Encouraged by the hope of better satisfying clients, candidates and collaborators, we all seek to generate strategies that focus on them. However, for many HR departments, it doesn’t remain easy to have the tools to create a robust data-based culture, and data rarely becomes a reliable basis for decision making.
In The Key Talent, we have created agile platforms so that human resources have the tools that allow them to efficiently carry out more attractive, digital and efficient attraction, recruitment, evaluation or training processes. And, above all, to make decisions that are based on realities supported by data.


It all starts with the employer brand. That’s why we work on employer branding from three key perspectives: its objective analysis through a fully digital approach, working on the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and generating attractive campaigns and content to reach the talent companies need.
AplyGo is our agile recruitment platform. It is integrated with all Aon Assessment Solutions tests and a user experience that is tailored to the reality of candidates and human resources. And, above all, it is focused on objectivity, so that each company’s decision is based on objective data and is not biased by each recruiter’s vision.
Talent management faces challenges that require a renewed approach from human resources: internal mobility, reskilling and upskilling, assessment or diversity management. And companies need tools built with a user-centred approach to address these challenges efficiently.
Panorama is our digital talent management platform. With it, we aim to help human resources departments have more meaningful data to help them make better decisions with their talent. To achieve this, we have worked to ensure that employees of companies of all sizes have an employee experience that lives up to their expectations. 

Our hallmarks


We create digital, intelligent, data-driven solutions because we believe that human resources can be more efficient throughout the entire talent cycle, from the reputation of the employer's brand to the onboarding of each new employee.


Talent evaluation processes are imperfect and full of unconscious biases. Our solutions, integrated with Aon Assessment Solutions, allow us to measure more and do so in a much more objective way. All in a remote, digital environment.


We know that the key to product adoption is a more engaging experience for the talent we attract or evaluate and for the professionals behind it. That's why we rely on marketing and gamification tools.


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