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Digital talent management has never been easier

The nature of work is changing… and it’s changing very quickly. Challenges such as internal mobility, the need for reskilling or diversity management are creeping up on boards of directors every day, as companies announce multi-million dollar investment plans to retrain most of their workforce and prepare them for the jobs of the future (which, in many cases, are already in the present.)
We have created Panorama to help companies adapt quickly to all these changes. So that they have a very flexible tool to obtain relevant data and help them make informed decisions based on that data. Much more than a remote assessment platform; a living tool that learns day by day and is capable of evolving at the same speed as each company’s talent.


Panorama Tablet Talent Assessment
Get to know your employees in detail, make data-based decisions and help them reach their full potential within your company. All in a digital environment that pampers their experience and yours. We have created a platform that goes far beyond remote assessment; evaluating talent has always been a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. At Panorama, agility and flexibility go hand in hand. From the most sophisticated assessment centre to an informal knowledge assessment, projects of all sizes and complexities can be started quickly. All this is possible because we have integrated Panorama with Aon Assessment Solutions’ digital testing, which is available in 90 countries and translated into 40 languages.


From Labs, we work to create gamified experiences that can be incorporated into talent attraction, recruitment or evaluation processes. We use technology to create incredible experiences in candidates and employees without giving up the necessary rigour in any evaluation test. Technologies such as Virtual or Augmented Reality have enormous potential not only when it comes to generating incredible experiences for those who try them.

AON Assessment Solutions

AON - The Key Talent
Aon offers the best technological solutions, adapting the process to what our clients need. The instruments and tools can be used in different media, and this facilitates decisions, providing evidence and data to improve the talent management strategy.

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