Gamified experiences and technological solutions for candidates and employees

We use technology to assess the key talent and facilitate decisions with evidence and data.

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Improve talent management with unique experiences

We explore the possibilities offered by technology to create different digital experiences. With our solutions, entertainment and data go hand in hand. At a time when assessment, communication, and development of candidates and employees are becoming a challenge, your processes will include surprising experiences without sacrificing data accuracy. Improve your talent assessment strategy, while candidates and employees enjoy an amazing experience throughout the entire process.

Drive high levels
of engagement

Achieve a high level of candidate and employee participation thanks to the development of dynamics that provide value and fun.

Intensify candidate

Make candidates focus on the experiences and forget that they are being evaluated to focus on solving the challenges ahead of them.

Enable dynamic

Evaluate up-and-coming talent or talent within your company in an agile and dynamic method by adapting the processes to your needs.

Position your
employer brand

Build and position your employer brand as innovative and pioneering through a culture where the experience of employees and candidates is fundamental.

Solutions that hinge on experience and efficacy


Meet and measure the capabilities of candidates and employees both at a group and individual level, all in a digital environment where you will get a differential experience for each of the participants.



With AON you can adapt each process to your needs. A range of technological tools can be used in different platforms, facilitating any decision, since you will be supported by evidence and data. Improve your talent management strategy.


SpeakEasy laptop

It is a new 100% online English test capable of measuring the five areas of language assessment: Listening, Grammar, Use of English, Writing, and Speaking. During the test the participant is immersed in a trip to Thailand to visit a friend where they will have to make use of their language skills.


Building Mia is an easy-to-understand gamified tool to assess digital skills and knowledge. With it, candidates and employees will be evaluated through a digital, mobile, and modern experience.




This Business Case was designed with three independent quizzes in a fully interactive office environment. You will demonstrate the skills necessary to perform as a consultant in a professional environment.

Around The Word

Around The Word

In-tray with 100% online evaluation, where the participant is immersed in the role of Export Manager of an international airline. Within the manager’s office, they will have to demonstrate that they are capable of resolving the situations that arise.



A new role play where the participant has to assume the role of Key Account Manager of an oil company and must attend a meeting with one of its distributors to try to solve the corresponding problem.


With group dynamics, candidates and employees will be able to live shared experiences in which they will participate and collaborate trying to solve challenges presented uniquely. It measures their competencies and skills without sacrificing the necessary rigor in any assessment test.


In Multiverse, candidates and employees will be immersed in different universes and historical periods. Therefore, they will be evaluated according to your needs and the characteristics of the group.


A new group dynamic where participants are challenged to save the planet Astaros. While offering a unique experience you will gather valuable information to make decisions.



Within a corporate environment, at The Annual EnerTech Energy Management and Innovation Summit, participants will have to save the company from a cyber-attack that could affect the world.

ER Online - The Journey

the journey - the key talent

In this dynamic, the participant is part of the company DeepBlue, a leader in the tourism sector. They will be presented with an innovative project that they will have to solve by themselves, facing the different challenges that will be presented to them.


Lead the cultural transformation of your company and establish key relationships with your employees through experience-based internal communication. Add value as an employer brand by changing the way you communicate.

APPS ONboarding


With the diverse onboarding applications, you put the focus on the new employee experience while showcasing your company’s culture and values in an effective, agile, and digital way. Optimized experiences that allow you to present a structured onboarding process and allow new employees to integrate from day one.


Chatbots The Key Talent

If we want fluid communication in our teams, chatbots allow us to digitize the processes, guiding the participants to solve their doubts. Increase the transparency of your company and transmit your messages more homogeneously with chatbots integrated into your company’s web, mail, or intranet.


Employees are increasingly demanding the possibility to develop themselves within the company. Offer this commitment and invest in essential talent, improving the productivity of your employees through learning and development tools and platforms.


It is necessary to understand the importance of digitizing our formative content. A learning platform such as the LMS allows you to create a knowledge platform based on the company’s internal experience. It provides an online learning experience aligned with the objectives of your organization.


ZAPIENS The Key Talent

Make it easier for your employees to be instructed in different areas of the company and improve their skills through Mobile Learning. It is with the gamified experience that we achieve greater access to the company’s knowledge and engagement on behalf of the employees.


Dinamicas de grupo_The Key Talent

Group dynamics help employees to develop their skills and abilities while enjoying a group experience and staying motivated. It encourages participation and ensures that knowledge is acquired naturally without sacrificing the training value.



With LearningBots you can foster your company’s internal talent and strengthen their competencies in a completely autonomous way according to your needs. Provide your employees with enriched learning through a versatile tool that increases their efficiency progressively with interaction.


With technology as a valuable asset in our processes, we never stop innovating to offer better solutions that generate incredible experiences for those who try them. This is how we envision the future in the present, always thinking about the next step for your company.


Compass The Key Talent

Companies that live and thrive in a digital environment see digital talent as a competitive advantage. Compass presents itself as the ideal platform for talented young people to orient themselves and know where to direct their efforts to build a successful career.