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Data-driven: a new way of understanding your employer brand

Your employer brand exists even if you have never worked on it, it blends the essence of your company and how it’s perceived by the talent that values working for it every day. At it’s best, the employer brand is the silent ambassador of any company, it works by making the people who can take it to the next level want to join you or stay with you. A company’s reputation in terms of employer branding is a very delicate matter, it requires analysis and an understanding of the core pillars on which we can build on to differentiate ourselves and to stand out in a world where more and more brands seem to follow identical attraction strategies. We can help you understand the perception that your company projects to its audiences and work on your employer brand from a data-driven, evidence-based approach.

How we will help your Brand

Any employer branding strategy begins with analysis, the ability to understand how the talent we want in our company perceives us. To do this, we have developed a modular methodology that we have called LifeBeam, our method allows us to analyse a brand from four different perspectives.

Social Dynamics

Social Dynamics

Social media is the first point of contact with our critical talent. Understanding how we are perceived across the multiple channels is the first step in any analytical process. Every company has a presence on a different range of social networks. The image your company projects is fundamental to understanding what your critical talent  is exposed to, the messages it conveys and whether its searched for proactively or not, research on how your brand is being “picked up” is essential.

An in-depth analysis allows us to understand the dynamics of a company and its talent competitors, gauge the alignment of our presence with the EVP and design a more effective communication strategy.


SEO + Comms

It is no use having the best communication strategy or the best job portal if no one can find it. The positioning of our careers page in search engines and the spontaneous interest in working for our company are two key factors that serve as a thermometer for the health of our employer brand.

Understanding the evolution of our positioning helps us make decisions and optimise our communication.In a time where talent is scarce, in particular in developing areas, appearing at the top of search engines means capturing spontaneous applications that are very valuable for your company.

EVP Pillars_Employer Branding

EVP Pillars

With all the intelligence accumulated by Glassdoor and Indeed, we can understand how strong and differentiated a company’s EVP is. The reasons why a candidate ultimately accepts an offer are directly related to one of the pillars of your EVP, whether it be salary and benefits, work-life balance, corporate culture, diversity and inclusion or management quality, all must be taken into consideration. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Glassdoor and Indeed, we are able to analyse all these EVP factors in depth, measure them in each context and plot their past and future evolution for each company and each competitor for talent.


Candidate Experience

The details define the volumen and quality  of the candidates that end up in a process. Mapping the candidate experience is critical. There are many factors that impact said experience,  each one of them has a certain impact on the abandonment or conversion rate of a process. Mapping these key factors helps us to optimise the volume of applications and improve a candidate’s satisfaction levels with our company.

Every time someone comes to our portal and has decided on a position to apply for, the challenge of not losing them along the way begins.

They have trusted us:

LifeBeam: a holistic approach
to employer branding

Employer branding is not static, it is constantly evolving and under construction. The main reason why so many companies suffer when they try to measure the results of their efforts is they lack a hollistic tool that tracks the different impacts from the multiple platforms and channels they use to work their brand. Our partners think they are trying to measure the effects of an abstract concept, when in reality they need to measure the effects that their employer branding actions have on their recruitment dynamics.

The consequence of this reality is that key elements like keywords on your careers page, social media posts and everything that makes up the candidate and employee experience in your company have a decisive impact in the overall impact of employer branding, and can be used to measure its effectiveness. As a partner we have built a modular solution that allows you to measure aspects independently or make a comprehensive internal and external analysis of a company’s employer branding.

Data_Employer branding

Results that improve your ability to attract talent

Resultados atraccion talento

We believe that you can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand it. We use simple analysis tools adapted to the reality of each company to obtain useful and practical information. From all this data, we can work on defining a unique KPI model and creating communication or recruitment strategies that help you achieve your goals.

Our employer brand analysis tools are not intended to give us a static picture of the state of a company. The tools aim to provide you with a constant evolution through dynamic candidate and employee experiences. From a simple social media update to the creation of a talent portal, we draw on data from our methodology and industry insights to deliver employer branding strategies, messages and products that enable you to connect with the right talent in any channel.

Complement your
employer branding strategy

Analysis is the first step, but not the only one. We also offer solutions that help you bring your strategy to life, from the most strategic that are based on core elements (the creation or adjustment of your employer value proposition) to the most operational, such as the creation of pages, communication plans or content for social networks.

Our focus is always with the philosophy of working on what works, deciding with data and not from intuition.

Real-time analytics

We have designed Pulse to be the dashboard that centralises all relevant metrics related to your employer brand. Configure yours specifically to your environment, KPIs, department and understand where your company stands at any given moment

Work your EVP

(Employee Value Proposition)
Designing or localising an EVP is a complex process. We work on creating a realistic and differentiated proposal from that of your competitors. We lay the foundations of your strategy from the value proposition.

Generate attractive content in digital media

Our employer brand is nourished by our communication initiatives. From strategy and content on social networks to landing pages or the design of specific programmes... Tell us what you need and we can help you make it happen.

Create specific talent attraction campaigns

Sometimes you need short-term solutions to help you attract specific talent. By designing social media campaigns we can bring you closer to passive talent pools and activate them to get them interested in your company.



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