Virtual Recruitment Campus 2.0

More agile and efficent than ever

Let partners like EY and Schneider Electric UK guide you on how to attract critical talent and leverage technology that will put you one step ahead of your competitors. Put the candidate at the center of your recruitment process by ensuring you create unique experiences that promote your brand.

Accelerate your processes and achieve a unique candidate experience in fully remote scenarios, take advantage of more than 80 tools that create a seamless personalized journey.

The Virtual Recruitment Campus 2.0 gathers insights from partners such as EY, Schneider Electric UK, and the Pharma industry, these partners choose to get to know their candidates according to their skills and competencies to understand how they fit into their organization and how to boost their talent.

Customizable and multi-language projects with ERP integration

NPS Integration, chatbots and video interviews to collect dynamic feedback from the process

Use of group dynamic and customizable business cases, adaptable to your company and industry

Anticipate your competitors’ campaigns by launching ad-hoc projects in less than 72 hours

Solutions that go
one step ahead



Incorporate the campus tools into your existing process by sharing a simple URL. Avoid the need for technical integration or lengthy technological steps, create an additional step in your ERP process (Workday, SAP, ICIMS, etc).



Stay true to your employer brand with customizable landing pages, emails, and tools. Ensuring that candidates are immersed in your culture from the first click.



Collect feedback and tangible data on the process itself, the assessment tools, and the results of the candidates and employees in a simple way; uploading the data to your own ERP or internal system.


Download our latest business cases for real life step by steps examples of how to apply the principles of the virtual campus.

Business case Schneider

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