We don't want your resume

It’s nothing personal; we just don’t think the resume is enough anymore to know how much a person is worth. Although we have to acknowledge that we are a human resources consultant, we are much more than that. We want to change things from the inside, so we design our recruitment, assessment, onboarding and talent management solutions. And we believe that the best way to do this is to let our employees have the autonomy to create, do and improve everything we are creating.
We embrace technological evolution and are not afraid to make mistakes. We believe that this gives us the tools to make our dreams come true and helps us to innovate continuously.
Each person has something unique to contribute. If you are passionate about working with people, leading and developing technology projects, designing gamified solutions, generating incredible experiences or communicating in a disruptive and enthusiastic way, you have a place in The Key Talent. You don’t need to send us your CV, but if you do, we promise you will read it carefully. If you want to be part of our team, here you can choose the professional profile that best suits you.

With you we will continue to grow

If you are looking for original solutions to complex problems, programming, application development or online platforms, websites, design, UX/UI … your department is IT.
You have always been attracted to the digital world, SEO and SEM, the creation of branded content and value propositions… The marketing team is waiting for you!
You are passionate about people and want to help them get their ideal job, be updated in their work or live differential experiences. Welcome to our Talent area.
We assure you that from the first day you will be able to lead your projects. Furthermore, you will have a team that will be ready to support you and help you at all times, and the other departments will also be there for you. Don’t you believe us? Come and visit us and we will be happy to show you.