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From Employer Branding to Onboarding without looking up from the screen

In short, the digital transformation seeks to adapt the strategy and structure of an organization to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology. This is not a new challenge, but it is increasingly difficult for a company to translate its response into an action plan. 
Today’s computers fit in your pocket or on your wrist, and the applications that run on them allow the automation of repetitive tasks traditionally performed by humans.
In short, digital technology is universal and no longer exclusive to IT departments; it applies to almost every part of a company’s value chain. And human resources is no longer an exception. It was in this spirit that we created AplyGo; an agile platform that allows you to manage all phases of talent attraction straightforwardly.


AplyGo is the recruitment and selection platform for human resources professionals who are not looking for an ATS anymore. It is designed for companies that make their decisions based on data, combining excellent candidate experience with an intuitive, agile and intelligent talent management platform that makes it much easier to make objective decisions to recruit the best candidates.
AplyGo is fully integrated with Aon Assessment Solutions and our gamma tests for more objective and unbiased talent selection, identifying, attracting and evaluating the best candidates through a simple, intuitive and efficient platform.

Employer Branding

The differential factor of any talent attraction campaign is the employer branding of the company that undertakes it. We have developed an audit model of employer branding that allows us to measure objectively and dynamically the attraction capacity of a company and the adjustment of its EVP (Employer Value Proposition) to its reality. Only then can we propose the best communication strategy to reach your target talent with a message capable of converting people into candidates and transmitting a differential positioning. 

Social campaigns

Social Campaigns
All the candidate platforms we know have the same orientation: they focus on the candidate in an active job search. However, we live in a world where it is increasingly common for the ideal candidate not to be actively seeking change.
Our approach is to run attractive campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) and on Google Ads (search engine, YouTube, Gmail), to draw the attention of the passive candidate, improving our clients’ awareness and, at the same time, reinforcing the company’s reputation and employer branding.


Our team of 01_Wonders and the Future Peeks platform aim to bring together technology and recruitment strategies to help companies around the world find the digital talent they need. We have made a thoughtful transition from headhunting to nethunting to create a fully automated process, in which at the end of each phase there is a human filter, capable of screening and making decisions based on data to offer the best digital profiles to our clients. Bringing together two worlds: the technological tools of selection and evaluation and the best of our specialists in digital talent selection.

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